Thursday, June 24, 2010

Melting my heart

Jeffry has been watching Speed Racer cartoons with Jack. One of the "bad guys" is Duggery (sp?). Duggery drives a red car. Leesha brought Jack a red Lamborghini (wow, either I spelled that correctly on the first typing, or spell check didn't recognize it) back from her Dad's and gave it to Jack. He considers the new Matchbox sized car to be "Duggery". Tuesday, he informed me; "Duggery is a mean driver." I responded; "Are you a mean driver?" "No; 'cause I'm not a driver."

In the last month or so, Jack took apart a pen of mine and in the process, broke part of it. Since it came with my planner, I wanted to keep it and went to the trouble of gluing the broken part back together. He got at it again today and took it apart again. He came to show me, and I said; "You took my pen apart again?"
"No, not a lot. (short pause) I didn't make a mess."

In an effort to get Maggie to stop sucking her thumb, I made contraption that covers her thumb. So long as we're trying to break her of that habit, I figured we should go ahead and see what we can do about Jack's lovie. It's cute that he still likes it and wants to sleep with it, but it will have to go sometime. Last night, I told him that if he slept without it, he'd get some M&M's in the morning. Today, I kept bringing it up ... no lovie, M&M's; lovie, no M&M's. He decided to brave it tonight. However, while us "grown ups" were watching a movie, the sky was changing colors, so we were making noise upstairs and disturbed Jack trying to fall asleep. The third (or maybe fourth) time he got up, he came downstairs and said he wanted his lovie. I came up with him and talked to him a little bit reminding him about not getting M&M's, but that it was okay if he wanted his lovie, then tucked him back into bed. I was still upstairs a few minutes later when he comes out of his room saying; "Maybe I do wan' 'o give you my lovie mom 'cause I'm big." (Awww.....) He tried so hard. Those M&M's are a real lure. It melts my heart.

At breakfast:
Mom: "Guess what we get to do next? Go grocery shopping!"
Jack: "No."
Mom: "Why?"
Jack (with his mouth full of food): "We have plen' of food."
Mom: "We have plenty of food?"
Jack: "Yeah."

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