Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holy Cow!

Me, opening the White Grape Juice: "Holy Cow! Who closed this?"
Jack: "Mom, why did Holy Cow close that?"

Maggie makes the "flying" sounds as she's got two of our bristle blocks. She's learned that from Jack making spaceships.
More words; "saa" (sock), "daipoo" (diaper), I believe I heard a semblance of "wa su dat" (want some of that), "bi" (bite), baby, "moo" (milk), "pee-ah" (please, yeah?)
She's having fun learning how to communicate and grins when we figure out what it is she wants. For instance, if she's thrown her blanket out of her pack-n-play; she'll indicate that she wants it back and when we get it, she dives for the bottom of the pack-n-play grinning and makes joyful noises when we lay the blanket on her.
This morning, she successfully communicated to Jeffry that she wanted some milk. I guess she indicated that he had to get something out of the cupboard first (the cup), then the fridge.

Jack to Mom: "Mom, don't shout when Dad's on the phone." This, after a solicitor would not take "no" for an answer, and so I was trying to give Jeffry an excuse to get off the phone.

The babies' current activity of choice is putting all of their critters in the pack-n-play and then getting in themselves.

"Mom, Great Grandma Mary told me; 'You can take this (squirrel figurine) home with you if you want', and I said, I said ... I didn't say anything.'

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