Thursday, December 23, 2010


A while back, I had mistakenly pointed onomatopoeia to Jack, realizing later that what I was referring to was actually alliteration. Tonight, I read him a book and noting the use of "splish, splash" I told him that was onomatopoeia (I'm having a lesson in spelling as I write this!). Not much later, he came to me and informed me of an example of onomatopoeia. What a hilarious kid!

In his Preschool book, we sounded out "Pond" where the ducks live, "Vegetable Garden", "Chicken Coop". When asked where the pigs live, he responded; "Vegetable Coop!"

I gave Jack some coins to play with. Leesha and I were pointing out the differences between pennies, nickels and a dime. Leesha told him a little bit about Abraham Lincoln, and then Jack mentioned "Father Lincoln" vs. "Father Abraham".

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