Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

"tute" (cute)

After microwaving a bowl of oatmeal for Maggie, she totters over saying; "Pee hot" (please, hot - she must know that things coming out of the microwave are hot)
Moments later, I'm telling her that she can't eat the oatmeal in her room because I don't want her to get oatmeal on the rug. Jack tells me; "Don't worry mom. Don't worry, I can clean it up."

Bringing out one of the sweaters Grandma Darlene made for her, she says; "A tute." (I want cute.) Later, she's wearing one of the sweaters. I take her to the mirror to see what she looks like. "Maddie tute." (Maddie = Maggie)

Maggie ha sbreached the lofted bed again. This time without the ladder. An ideal response from Jack would be; "Is nothing sacred any more?"

"Whatchoo do?" (what'd you do?)

"batap" (backpack)

"toe-eee" (story)

"un'ies" (undies)

"no tit, no ti" (no kick, no kick)

[Maggie points to the moon]
Mom: "Do you see the moon Maggie?"
[Jack looks up] "I see it too Mom. It's not quite finished yet."

"Mom, do you need to watch the road?"
"Yes, I do."
"I needa watch the cars."

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