Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This just keeps getting better

After being woken up by Maggie, Jack informs me; "I want Maggie to be back in your tummy."

Maggie has said: "Pooh Bear", "My duy!" (my guy - referring to the toys she was playing with that Jack had just taken from her), "Line" (lion), "meewmeew" (oatmeal), "I hudee" (I'm hungry), "I peew" (I spilled, when in fact it was Jack who spilled)

She warmed her Daddy's heart with: "Doctor Who"

Maggie has replaced some "F's" with the "SH" sound. So, she'll point to her foot and say; "shoot". Jack was "tying" (crying) and we told her he was having a fit. Oops.

Jack: "Can I have some tomato juice?"
Mom: "Yes."
(Mom gets instructions to open it and remove the tab.)
Dad: "Do you like tomato juice?"
Jack: "Yeah! It's really slurpy."

Jack: "If a train broke our car, I can say; 'God! Help us!' And Maggie can say; 'Dee dee dee ahh!'"

Jack: "You're right mom. Sometimes we eat food we don't like."

Jack: "Do we have much time?" (I assume this comes from the frequent comments of; "Hurry Jack, we don't have much time.")

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