Friday, March 4, 2011

One for the'Uh Oh" Files

From the Uh Oh File:
"Dad, look, this [key] fits in here [outlet]." Followed by stern; "NO's" from both parents, a cry of startled bewilderment from Jack, and lots of hugs and attempts at explaining why that is not a good idea.

"I'm lucky, but I haven't thanked God."

Jack made a spaceship with his bristle blocks and announces; "It's my second grade spaceship!"

Maggie's new phrase:
"Mommy toot"
and other words:
"shoot" (foot)
"watch" (watch)
"Opee Do." (Open door)
Jack coughed one morning while they were still in bed. Maggie said; "Bassyooo" (bless you)
"A none" (all done)
On our way out the door, Maggie found their cups milk. She took hers, then got Jack's, taking it to him saying; "Hees a moow" (here's your milk)

The boys are downstairs watching a movie. I'm working on dinner, Maggie is having a snack. Maggie stands at the top of the stairs saying; "Daddee, tum up." Then she turns to me and says; "'A daddee ta tum up." (I want Daddy to come up.)

Jack put a cd in his cd player. Maggie heard the music, went running into their room
and started twirling around "dancing".

Jack: "Maggie, do you want to go to Trader Joe's?"
"No." (which can mean yes, or no.)
"Maggie, please would you go to Trader Joe's?"

Maggie pulled the craisins out of the cupboard and brought them to me. When I asked if she wanted some, she indicated she did (nodding and saying "See"), then she indicated the bench by the door where I often put her food.

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