Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just plain cute

Jack: "Let's paint guys! Come on, let's do it!"

After asking repeatedly for his water, and none of the adults taking him up on it, Jack finally said; "How 'bout if I go get it?" We thought that was a good idea.

Maggie had two sentences: "I got owie my arm Mommy. Kiss it."

A little back-and-forth between the kids in the car:
Leesha: "I love you."
Maggie: "Iyayoo."
Leesha: "I love you more."
Maggie: "Iyayoo moi."
Jack: "I love you more. Google-dot-com."
Now, who can argue with that?

Jack hurt Maggie. Jeffry asked him if he'd apologized. He hadn't. Jeffry told Maggie that Jack had something to say to her. Jack hugged her, and she said; "Sawwy Jack. Sawwy Jack. I yaa you." (gulp)

Maggie: "Udder minute go?" (Where did my other mitten go?)

Jack (singing): "JCPenney's is a gooder place."

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