Monday, June 27, 2011

Enough already!

In all honesty, Jack has been a pain in his recuperation. I do realize that I have hardly any sympathy or empathy with those who have a low pain threshold. He refuses to take his medicine, which should be fine if he's the only one suffering. However, he's making everyone around him suffer with his crabbiness and misbehavior. I am ready for him to be well. Hopefully 12 hours of sleep will bring him to rights again.

Jack fell asleep that night at 6:15pm (and was back to normal after 12 ours of sleep). Leesha wanted to take a bath, so Jeffry and I got took Maggie on a walk to Walgreens. At one point, I told Jeffry; "Your parents are going to be here this weekend." Jeffry responded, and then Maggie piped up with; "Yea!"

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