Saturday, July 23, 2011

Maggie, while putting on Leesha's new Chuck Taylor High-Tops: "'Eesha boot on." (I'm putting Leesha's boots on.)

Maggie, when asked who one of her Little People was; "Maggie people."

Maggie, when I woke her up from her nap; "'Tay bed." (I want to stay in bed.)

Seven syllables: "I put my shoes on Mama." (and a pretty clear sentence for a 2 year old, to boot.)

"I bu'y wrabbit!" (I'm a bunny rabbit!) as she hops around the back yard.

Midga = Ninja

"Sunny pace" = funny face

At the small birthday party we had for Maggie, we sang to her. She was sitting with Grandma Darlene, and was so embarrassed by the attention, that she tucked her head into Grandma's shoulder. Less than two weeks later, she finished her dinner (yes, it's a rare treat when she actually eats more than 2 nibbles of dinner). Jeffry, Leesha and I started to clap and congratulate her, which made her burst out in tears. Fortunately, when my birthday rolled around, and I was the one getting the song, she only looked close to tears. We did get tears at the end when she was eating cake with her hands, and Grandpa and Daddy pointed it out.

Leesha read our new "Grover Goes to the Sesame Street Hospital" book to Jack and Maggie. X-Rays are mentioned in it. Jack thought of the x-rays he gets to see at Grandma Darlene and Grandpa David's house. He told me that he "always" asks to see them, and there are two chest x-rays. I am not sure, but suspect they might be mammogram images.

Jack, shortly after waking up one morning; "Did God make people out of ham?"

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