Thursday, August 25, 2011

Potty training and more

Jeffry is introducing a new show to the kids. He informs Jack that they can watch it, but it will have commercials in it. Jack's response; "What's commercials?" (I LOVE it!)

"Wibbit, wibbit. I am a swog!" (ribbit, ribbit, I am a frog!)
We think "Kangaroo" came out as "kwanga-doodle-doo"
Apparently, roosters say "Quack a doodle doo".

Exchange between Maggie and Jack ....
"Jack poop ev'y-were."
"No I didn't, I pooped in the potty!"
"Jack poop in a potty. Good gur!" (clapping)
"I'm not a girl! I'm a boy."
"Jack poop in a potty. Good gur boy!"

Some time later, Maggie was telling Jack he was a good girl again. He kept reminding her that he's a boy. However, at one point, he goofed up and told her rather loudly; "I'm not a boy! I'm a girl." I caught it right away and we laughed when I brought it to his attention.

"I nod a bo-ey, I am a guw." (I'm not a boy. I'm a girl.)

Between Jack and Mom ....
"What's an possum mom?"
"It is an animal that looks like a large rat, can hang upside down in a tree by it's tail, and pretends to be dead when it's afraid."
(Pretty good explanation, don't you think?)

For the most part, Maggie is potty trained. She still poops in a diaper, but the other facet of potty training was pretty darn easy. There was one time she peed in her undies on the floor and I told her "NO!" very gravely. It made her cry, but I don't think we've had many accidents since.

Jeffry's parents and Grandmother visited us before Labor Day. They gave Jack a copy of his Uncle Greg's book "Never Catch a Netherpott" and read it to Jack and Maggie repeatedly. At one point, someone asked Jack what the word "nude" in the book meant. He didn't know, so they told him it meant naked. Before bedtime, the kids had their bath. After getting out of the tub, Jack ran out into the hall, and said; "I'm nude!"
A good laugh for all.

Just so we can remember .... that same night, the kids were in bed before 9pm, I think. All had gone well with bedtime despite Maggie screaming herself to sleep the previous night. At about 1:30, the adults decided to head off to bed. We checked on the little ones as we often do, and somehow managed to disturb them enough that when the electricity went off around 2, causing the carbon monoxide detector to emit it's high-pitched beep, the kids were fully awake. How dreadful it was to have Maggie awake and disrupting everyone (Jeffry's parents included) until close to 4am. Jack was more easily consoled than Maggie, and returned to bed much earlier. Thankfully, they both slept until after 9am then, and so did the adults.

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