Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fantastic sneezes

Maggie: "I goin' work."
Mom: "You're going to work, Maggie? What are you going to do at work?"
Maggie: "I go see Mommy Daddy."

Jack, after some offense Maggie's offenses; "I think we need a new toddler."

Maggie grabbed the dishtowel and stated; "To wes-cue!" (To the rescue!)

Jack: "BOB the Builder, Maggie. Not Wob the Builder."

"Two-whoa" = stool
"Duh-di-shus" = delicious
"Kix" = Kix, but said with a lot of enthusiasm, and a little jump (so cute)
"wadi-pop" = lollipop
"E'mo diks" = follow me on this one .... she's actually saying "Elmo Sticks", Elmo is on Sesame Street, I just bought Sesame Sticks at Trader Joes; hence: "e'mo diks" are Sesame sticks.

Jack: "Dad, you're a fantastic good looking man."

Jack: (not quite verbatim) "Hey mom, next time we have Bible Study, I'll give this feather to Susanna 'cause she's in Kindergarden. Everyone who's in Kindergarten, I'll give a feather to."

Jack is a photic sneezer. After he's sneezed twice, I will say; "Now we can start our day." And after years of this, now, he will say it once he's sneezed.

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