Monday, September 19, 2011

Queen for a day

Jack: "Dad, the vampire sits like this," (as he crouches like a catcher in baseball).

Maggie on the way home the other day; "See-ur-vee." It took me a minute, but I realized she was trying to say CRV. So I asked if she saw a CRV like Daddy's, then looked and lo and behold, there was a silver CRV just like what Jeffry drives.

Mom: "Why did Clifford grow so big?"
Jack: "Because Emily Elizabeth gave him some of her love."

Jack to Bible Study guests: "Have a good afternoon."
Mimic Maggie: "Have a goon!"

Let's see if I can remember this ....
Jack: "I was saying "Holy Kratz" when I was still in bed."
Mom: "Do you mean "Wild Kratz", like Zaboo?"
Jack: "No. Holy Kratz."
Mom: "What's that?"
Jack: "It's what you say when you don't want to do something. Holy kratz! Why do I have to do this?"
Mom: "Hmmmm."

We thought we'd have to call a plumber to come unclog our toilet. I think Jack was excited at the prospect. He came to me saying; "I've never seen a real plumber before. Do plumbers have snorkels?" I'm guessing that he's gotten that idea from our Old Maid cards. I first thought he'd asked if they had sparkles, though. Either way, it was funny.

Maggie is doing pretty good on potty training, so long as you're only counting to number one. Pardon me while I go "queen her up". (clean her up)

"Nice-a-meetchu" = nice to meet you.
"'Noculers" = binoculars

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