Wednesday, April 4, 2012


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Jack asked me about something floating.  I explained that in order to float, something needed to be lighter than air such as helium.  Jeffry bought Jack and Maggie both helium filled mylar balloons which are successfully distracting the little ones from their dinner tonight.  Jack mentioned helium and Leesha asked;
"Jack, do you know what helium is?"
"A gas that's lighter than air."
I started to laugh, then said to Leesha; "You weren't expecting that, were you?
She responded; "Just stop teaching him for a little while.  Watch, I'll be in college and he'll be doing my work. (to Jack) Einstein.  All we need to do now is grow your hair out and dye it white."
I proceeded to tell her that he knew nothing of the other elements, it was just that helium came up recently.

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