Thursday, April 12, 2012


Just prior to heading out for a walk, I gave Jack half a glass of root beer.  He came up to me and said he wanted to tell me something, indicating he wanted to whisper it in my ear.  I bent down to hear him ask; "Does Root Beer have alcohol in it?"

This isn't verbatim, but close enough.  At dinner, Maggie asked for another pancake.  I gave her one, and she demanded; "Put stuff on it!"
In an effort to help her learn to convey the message more politely, I started out; "Mom, would you please put ...."
(We laughed at her)
"Please don't say that guys."

Maggie, holding the two halves of a plastic Easter egg over her ears; "I have ear pops."

Jack, playing with the coins and his piggy bank: "I'm rich."
Maggie, playing with him; "I wuv you rich."

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