Monday, May 20, 2013

Lost at the Comic Convention

Jack, Maggie and I met the Jankovich's for the spring comic convention. We also met Mike D there. This is becoming a tradition and I like that.

At one point Maggie got lost. Most of the time she was in my arms. Occasionally, I'd let her roam and she'd stay close. Or we'd quickly find her with one of our frequent kid-audits. One time we discovered she wasn't in sight. She was not here. She was lost. Jankoviches took off in search of her, Jack and I started to retrace our steps. There she was sitting in a chair talking with a lady, completely calm. Just patiently waiting to be found. The lady said Maggie approached her and said "I think I'm lost". Maggie sought this particular lady because she had a name-tag. Mom's training is- if you're lost, find someone with a name-tag or a mom (with other kids). That's exactly what Maggie did. The whole thing lasted for maybe 3 minutes.

Here are some pictures from the con...

At the MN State Fairgrounds
the Ghostbusters had Stark Industries gear
with Batgirl
Maggie holding her own against the competition for action figures

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