Monday, May 27, 2013

Lost at Half Price Books

Maggie has received a good deal of praise for the calm common sense she exhibited in her adventures at the Comic Convention (see Lost at the Comic Convention for that story).

However, it seems she might be trying that trick again, seeing how her actions benefited her before.

We were at Half Price Books. While shopping in these stores, our modus operandi is to use one of the Children's Area tables as a base of operation. From there family members are free to wander from one section, always returning to this base to check in. This is how we ALWAYS shop at HPB.

But, somehow Maggie got lost again.

From my point of view, over by the front end of the store, I overhear a staff member asking someone something like- "Your name is Maggie and you can't find your mom?" almost immediately followed by Cara saying "Maggie, what are you doing?"

What I think happened was Maggie was ready to get some more praise for being so clever. All she needed to do was go find someone with a name-tag. If she were really lost, all she would need to do is call out for mom. But they way we do our shopping and the size of the store, it's very unlikely she would actually get lost there.

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