Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's in a name?

Jeffry took the tag off of a new shirt, and gave it to Maggie.  She went outside and put it on the stroller, then informed Jeffry; "The tag is safely on the stroller where no birds can come by and scover it up."

Mom: "Maggie wash your hands and then we can read a couple of books."
Maggie: "Why a couple?"
"How many were you thinking?"
"I don't think we have that many."
"Wubbit four?"

There is a girl in his class that Jack has mentioned several times.  We're not sure if her name is Dinah, Diana, Donna or Dana.  Jeffry asked about her tonight, and we started going through the list of names.  Jeffry then suggested it may be a whole harem of girls.  From the other room, we heard Jack's "Ha ha!"

On a more serious note, this morning at Read and Run (Storytime and free gym at a nearby Library/Community Center), a handicapped boy was there who we'd not seen previously.  Maggie had trouble with this.  First, she stared, so I talked to her reminding her that Jesus loves him and that we need to love and be kind to him too, and that she shouldn't stare.  Then she clung to me the remainder of the time, even crying.  What are you to do in a situation like that?  I kept trying to reassure her that he was fine, that we needed to be friendly, that we shouldn't stare .... Yet, she seemed terrified.  I stuck it out, just holding her the whole time.  I didn't know if I should leave due to her reaction, or so as not to make the boy and those with him feel badly, as though they hadn't noted that the gym was sparsely populated already.....  Such a challenge...

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