Monday, May 4, 2009

Computing stinks when your computer doesn't go online half the time!

Just some things I'm managing to remember ....

The other morning, Jack got one of Leesha's dress shoes and was wearing it around the house. I said something about him wearing Leesha's fancy shoes and he proceeded to then call them "Leesha dancing shoes."

In the car, Jack was covering his eyes with his hands and saying; "W'ere Jack go? and then after he moved his hands, " Peek-a-boo!"

He's started to realize he is his own person and now refers to himself as Jack.

A phrase in one of his books is; "Motorcycles are fun to ride." He said that when he saw a motorcycle today.

After dropping Leesha off, he said; "Leesha ge' ou'a car. S'mo'ning." (Leesha got out of the car this morning)

Jack will ask to "'nugg-o" now (snuggle)

On Sunday, Jack and I were shopping for quilting materials. He saw that I had a scrape on one of my nuckles and said; "Mommy owie. Kiss." Then he kissed it.

Jeffry has taught him "Hip, hip horray!" Which he now repeats every once in a while.

He just pointed out that I am wearing blue and red and he is wearing orange. Shortly beforehand, he asked for some cracker, and I broke a piece off and gave it to him. He said; "triango".

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