Monday, May 18, 2009

Leesha was arranging to watch a show with Jeffry after dinner tonight. Jack figured he wanted to watch one too. Jeffry said; "No, Leesha and I are going to watch a show." Jack responded; "Jack watch a show." Then said; "Daddy c'me on, let's go watch Jonny Quest." 7 words! He's going to be doing paragraphs soon.

Jack has me pretty well "trained". Meaning that I try to "stay on the ball" and put him on the potty every so often. He's not quite to the point of asking to go himself. One of these warm days I'll put his undies on and go play in the yard to see if that triggers any desire in him.

I think he's turned a minor corner - pick-up trucks finally seem to actually be pick-up trucks rather than tow trucks as of this morning.

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