Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 3rd and 4th

Grandma and Grandpa Willis arrived yesterday from Missouri. They and Willis West came over for the evening. We enjoyed Famous Daves in the backyard catching up and watching the boys play.
Once Willis West headed home, Leesha showed portions of her Musical on DVD. Jeffry was at his computer on the other side of the basement, and Jack was running between him and the Musical showing. At one point, he had one of the food toys we've got down there. It is a plastic scoop of ice cream that fits in a cone, and it has split on the bottom. Jack was sticking his thumb in the hole while sitting on Jeffry's lap. Then he says to Jeffry; "This hurts Daddy." No fussing or anything, just a comment
We had Grandma and Grandpa help with bedtime a little bit, and after the routine Patrol, Jeffry put Jack in bed. Jack somehow got it in his head that that was not for him, and proceeded to set up a fuss and get out of his crib. We humored him for a bit, but around 9:30 it was getting old. He seemed to want Jeffry and I to lay down in our bed and have him between us which would have been okay if he'd settled down, but he was just chatting away. I suggested a show might help settle him down, so Jeffry tried an episode of "Flash Go'don" and back to the crib. He climbed out again. Since I was trying to wind down, I asked Jeffry if he'd be okay with Jack in the basement with him until Jack crashed, so down they went. Jeffry set him up watching "Kiki's Delivery Service". By this time, I was back to being fully awake and the thougt occurred to me that maybe Jack had a "sense" that Margaret might be coming, so decided to go for a walk, shower and dry my hair. Jeffry put Jack back in his bed around the time I was wrapping things up and he still set up a fuss. So, we got the doorknob covers and put them on the inside handles of his doors, turned out the lights and left him in there. It didn't take him long to settle down and fall asleep. What surprised me was that when I went in around midnight, he had crawled into his crib to fall asleep. I'd opened his door very carefully thinking he may have fallen asleep on the floor by the door, but the little tyke had gotten into his own bed.

This morning (the 4th) Jeffry and I were up around 8 and just talking in bed. Leesha said good morning, then shortly afterwards, we heard Jack wake up, a few noises, before he walked into our room with a bright and cheery; "Good morning!" I succeeded more at suppressing the laugh than Jeffry did.

As I was getting dressed, Jack asked what I was doing. I told him I was putting my clothes on or getting dressed. He then suggested I was "putting my dressed".

Grandma and Grandpa Sorley joined us for grilling, the second half of The Incredibles, Bananagrams and fireworks to celebrate the 4th. After he'd eaten, Jack was running around n only a onesie. At one point, he paused in his play and I realized he was up to "something". Seconds later, a trickle made it's way down his leg and he realized that was not comfortable. Mom and I went to him, and he said; "No Grandma" which is unusual, because he often favors her ministrations over mine. I got him cleaned up and back to playing.

He set up another fuss about bedtime, but did eventually wind down. Jeffry is going to share more on that in the next post ....

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