Thursday, July 9, 2009

Margaret Mae

I had the foresight to ask mom or dad to go to the Dr. with me in the event anything happened to send me into labor and directly to the hospital (do not pass go, do not collect $200). Unfortunately, it was not needed. I had contractions and tried to keep them going by bumming around at PetSmart, but no luck. The midwife told me to go to the hospital in the morning if I hadn't gone already and they'd work on getting me to go into labor. I figured that meant being induced which I wasn't really excited about.
More contractions at various points in the night, not helped by a 40 minute walk at 10:40pm. Around 4am today, Leesha and I were awoken by the stereo playing Queen which kinda freaked us out just a bit until I realized the alarm on it had somehow been set. I'm glad the volume was down low, because if it had been loud, it might have been even more alarming. So, I decided to get going for the day since I'd planned to go over to mom and dad's while Jeffry did his morning bus route. I used the ellyptical for 20 minutes or so and had contractions about every 2 minutes, but they were not painful. I assembled stuff by the door, got some food together for the kids, showered and got ready. By the time I was done, I wasn't contracting any more and figured Jeffry should just stay home for the whole day.
The rest of the household was up and about around 6am. We ate breakfast and got ready to go, arriving at the hospital just before 8. I was at 6cm when they checked me. At 9:45, they sent me walking. Good timing as we'd called mom and dad to come get the kids since we didn't know how long the process would take, and they were on their way. We handed Leesha and Jack off to mom, then walked around the coomplex for an hour. Back in labor and delivery, we were roomed and the midwife broke my water at 10:05am. That brought on contractions, so I wibbled and wobbled on the birthing ball until probably about 11:30 when I started having really painful contractions and sensed that I was close to feeling the need to push.
After 2 pushes, at 11:47am, Margaret Mae Willis came-a-squalling into the world, unlike Jack who needed to be coaxed into crying. She weighs 8lbs, 2oz. and measured 20.1 inches. She's got soft dark hair and is very pink. We also think she's kinda cute, but we're allowed to be biased. Mom and Leesha arrived just as the midwife started my "repairs".
This makes 7 grandbabies for my parents. My oldest, Leesha started off the bunch almost 11 1/2 years ago and Maggie brings up the rear today.
Maggie makes 5 for Grandma Holly and Grandpa Steve. Again, my girls are on either end of the 3 boys.
So, that was our morning ...

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