Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where are you Margaret?

In an effort to try to self induce labor, I spent a 1/2 hr. on the ellyptical (sp?) last night and this morning. No luck. So, after exercising, cleaning, and some other house work, I went in to the Dr. today. I've finally progressed to 4cm which is where hard labor is supposed to begin. Unfortunately, what one midwife reads as 3cm another reads as 4cm, so without an actual ruler, nobody knows for sure where I'm at.
Since I am 6 days overdue, they put me on a monitor to see how Margaret's heartrate and movements were, and whether or not I was having contractions. I had at least one painful one there, and a few others that were 4 minutes apart, but they've stopped to my knowledge.
I'd asked mom to come along in the event that messing with my membranes put me right into labor and I needed to get to the hospital. She was nervous as we left the clinic because both the midwife and nurse seemed confident I was in labor. I suggested walking around the mall nearby to help things along, and mom obliged.
Yet, 6 hours later, I'm still having contractions that aren't giving me any cause for moving this show (oops, I just typed "sow" intead of "show" - that's mildly amusing) to the hospital.
I guess I was hoping that my water would break there at the clinic, mom would take me in and Jeffry would meet us there so that by now, our little girl would be even more of a reality. Today is the first day I've really been bothered about being overdue. It started yesterday when I learned that they would likely want to induce me after one week, rather than wait until 2 weeks. I was hoping I could go in on Tuesday the 14th when Summer School is over and my midwife is at the hospital. Today, it's just been a matter of wanting to go into labor on my own so I don't have to have a drug induced labor.

MY current plan is that the kids and I will have Jeffry drop us off at mom and dad's in the morning while he does his morning route. We'll go into the hospital once the his students are at school. We'll see what Margaret has to say about that idea.

Anyhow ....

Leesha was trying to get Jack excited about having a baby around today. She named one of the dolls "Baby Margaret" and had him cart it around, wrap it up, put it in the carseat, etc. He also chose to have her go potty which was more than he himself wanted to do on the potty today.

Signing off ....

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