Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last night was another battle getting Jack to bed. When we took our patrol, everyone was downstairs watching The Incredibles or the USA Soccer team.

We were on the last leg of our patrol when Jack said "Go downstairs...". I told him no, we're going to bed after our patrol. I watched realization cross his expression and he started to lose it. He did not want to go to bed.

We had to close him in his room with the child-proof door handles keeping him in. He DID NOT want to go to bed.

Cara got up around 1:30 AM to turn off a fan in our room. Right away, she heard some noise coming from downstairs, so she cautiously goes to investigate thinking someone has gotten in the house! The house was dark other than ambient light spilling in from outside street lamps and the nightlight we keep on in the bathroom. She finds Jack's door open, at least it's wasn't some stranger! When she reached the stairway she finds little Jack making his way up the stairs crying and saying "Daaaaadddy". He must've climbed out of his crib, leaving his room (we opened his door after he was asleep just to keep fresh air moving for him) and went down there expecting me to be down there on my computer only to discover he was alone. That's when Cara intercepted him. We talked with him for a short while on our bed and took him back into his room. Trying to figure out what is causing this new behavior, we asked him what was wrong, Cara asked if he was cold and wanted his fleece jammies on. He replied; "No, I like these." He protested and we eventually had to fully close his doors and rely on the child-proof door handles to keep him contained again. He eventually became sleepy and climbed back up into his crib finding that more comfortable than the floor.

In the morning, he came into our room again and the three of us were snuggling. He pointed to Cara and said; "Mommy's name is Cara." Then pointing to me, he said; "Daddy's name is Jeffry." When asked what Jack's name was, he responded; "Apple Cheeks."

This afternoon, we went over to Willis West. We intentionally kept Jack awake in an effort to avoid bedtime drama. While there, he kicked a glass over, breaking it, then stepped on a piece of the glass, cutting his foot. Poor guy!

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