Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Car birthdays

Upon entering the bathroom, Jack fell. Leesha asked him if he hit his head. He replied; "No. I hi' my e'bow."

Last Christmas, Jack couldn't get enough of the Peef books. Today, as I was going through the gazillion stuffed animals we've accumulated in the last 12 years, I found the Peef bear we have. So, I put it somewhere that Jack would see it. Sure enough, he found it, but didn't make a big deal about it. So I asked him who it was. He said it was a tedddy bear. Hmm.... I told him it was Peef, then put it away. Seconds later, he asked; "Mom, where's Poof?"

On Friday, Maggie rolled over. It was an accident. On Saturday, she learned that diaper rash hurts. She also laughed, but not long enough to catch on camera, so we'll work on that.

Jack said to me; "Mom, dance with me!" How could one resist that?

We've had some interesting weather recently. A very windy day which blew a lot of needles off of one of our evergreens onto our driveway, and a couple of days of snow. We haven't had enough snow to shovel, but I figured we needed to clear the needles off the driveway before needing to shovel the driveway. So, Saturday afternoon, that's what I did. I blew the needles off the driveway. So long as I was out with the leaf blower, I blew some leaves around the yard. Jack decided to forgo playing with the balls, chalk or his bike and help me. He pulled out all three shovels and tried raking with those, then finally I pulled out the little rake and showed him how to use that. What a little helper.
Meanwhile, Leesha was on the phone with her St. Louis grandparents giving them a "rake by rake" from the comfort of the big brown chair.

They're not underwear or undies, they're "undie-wear".

New phrase: "I'm busy." (Wonder where he hears that?)

Coyotes are "Ka-wo-tees"

Abraham is "Ade-a-ham"

Apparently, the fascination with the "Little People" is over for now. He's back to the matchbox cars. The Jeep Wrangler, Chevy Blazer, Yellow School Bus and taxi were just serenaded with Jack singing "Happy Birthday". I think they're having hamburgers in the nesting barrels.

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