Friday, October 9, 2009

Way to make old toys interesting again? Give them to someone else, and they become fascinating.

One time when Jack was in Maggie's exersaucer, he had his knees up to his chest, with one foot down in the seat, and one foot up on the play tray. He was spinning the rattle with his one foot and saying; "No sockie! 'Smy turn."

Now he's doing the "complimentary laugh" at his own antics.

I've been informed; "Mama, Maggie's 'wake. You bedder go get 'er. Downstairs."

Apparently "Cooloo" has something to do with the temperature of food. As in; "Is it cooloo?"

When asked what clothespins are; "Mom, dey're Frink pink pencils."

Some of this blog was lost in cyberspace .... bummer.

On the way over to Grandma's, Jack was just looking at Maggie in her carseat and smiling at her.

Upon their return from their nightly patrol, Jack notes the pile of dirt I've swept near the floor. He then decides he should help me sweep it up and goes to find his whisk broom and dustpan. What a little helper.

We survived our first Middle School Dance. Leesha rode with our neighbors to the dance since I was working. I then chaperoned the dance and brought the girls home. There were several activities to choose from; an inflatable maze, dance, swimming, basketball and karoke. I walked through the gym where the dance was but assumed Leesha was there because I didn't see her anywhere else. She said she was dancing. Way to go Leesha! Not being a wallflower.

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