Tuesday, October 6, 2009

errands for nigh' nigh' s'eepers

Jack was running around saying; "Super Jack to da wescue."

Maggie spent her first night in the crib in Jack's room. We all survived!

Jack and I went on errands yesterday. As we drove away from the house, I told him we were running "errands". I informed him we were going to try to find jammies for him. Since I'd said "errands" and jammies, he then wondered about Nathaniel, Tracy and Craig and their jammies. Explanation: Aaron and Nathaniel are his cousins. When I said "errands" he heard "Aaron."

We went to Babies R Us, Carters and JCPenney. Jack used the potty once and kept his undies dry the whole time!

Jack will kindly inform anyone who needs to know; "It's time for dinnertime."

Leesha just got herself another iPod. She's very excited about it.

I posted this on Facebook the other day:

Child 1 comes into the bathroom while I'm bathing child 2. Child 1 says; "I just wanted to see child 2 because child 2 is adorable." Child 1 leaves. I sniff. "Did you just fart and walk out?" Apparently, Child 1 has been told to fart in the bathroom. Unfortunately, those making that suggestion failed to mention that the bathroom should be unoccupied.

Currently, Jack is singing; "Fank you, fank you Jesus for dis food. Fank you, fank you Jesus for dis good food."

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