Thursday, May 6, 2010

Potty talk

Last Wednesday, Jeffry bought a "Speed Racer" comic for Jack. They looked through it together and Jack determined that Speed is a boy and has the necessary anatomy to make him a boy. He also learned that Trixie is a girl.
On Friday, Eric was watching the kids while I worked. Jack was looking through his new comic. He then states; "Speed Racer does have a penis. Sexy does not have a penis." Needless to say, Eric was a bit surprised.

Upon our return from Bible Study on Tuesday; "I have a hurt."

Yesterday, he asked if he could play with the gnome while he was in our room. It took me a minute to realize that I have a gnome sitting on a vase of dried rosebuds. I allowed him to play with the gnome. Not too long after that, he said; "Be quiet to the Gnome 'til he's done reading." (Upon inspection, I was reminded that the gnome is reading a book.) Then he wanted to play with the pink dragon from my dresser.

Apparently the other day over at Mom and Dads, Jack got his pants a little bit wet when he went potty. He told dad; "I live with it."

Maggie is pushing any- and every-thing around. It's fun to see how she maneuvers herself out of situations. At times, I also wonder how all of the chairs at the table have gone askew and then she pokes her head out somewhere. Then I realize she's moved them all. The dining room table is one of her favorite places - she crawls over and under the rungs and table legs.
This morning, she was delighted to play with the plunger and toilet brush. (ick)

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