Monday, May 10, 2010


Leesha and Jack have a "tradition" of watching Arthur at 4.30 in the afternoon. Often, we'll wake Jack up to watch. Today, when we woke him up, it took a minute to register, but then; "Arfur's on! Yeah! Arfur!"

I just repaired the beanbags. As I was shaking off the bits of styrofoam, Jack says; "Dat looks like a vegetable."

This morning, when I took Jack's diaper off, I told him to go use the potty and let him know he didn't have to pull his pants up until he was done. He responded; "I'll pull my pants up out here so Leesha doesn't see my naked butt."

I just finished making the 'Comic Cubby' under the stairs. As I sat down at the computer, Jack pokes his head out and asks; "Was that you steppin' on dis?"
"Was I the one walking down the stairs?"
"Yeah, and I hear-ed dat noise."

On Sunday; "Happy Mudders Day!"

On Friday, Mom and I went out to get pedicures, and Jack hung out with Grandpa. Dad called to tell mom that one of the batteries for his otoscope was missing. Jack just informed Jeffry; "Grandma took one of Grandpa's otoscope batteries." "Where is it?" "P'obly in one of my toys."

He calls his new "Fraggle Rock" comic "Frik-a-rock".

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