Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our trio

Jack singing; "March in the calorie, march in the calorie, march in the calorie." I'm assuming somewhere he's heard the "I may never march in the infantry, ride in the calvary, shoot the artillary, but I'm in the Lord's army" song and just got a wee bit confused.

Moments before that, he was explaining that he couldn't give Maggie small toys so she won't choke, he has to give her big toys.

"All the people fell. They don't have any drive. Are dey crying?" Regarding all the Little People who fell off the fire truck we picked up at a garage sale.
Also from the garage sale, a small Little Tykes car that he can use in the driveway. I asked him; "What do you think?" He responded; "I 'on't know. It doesn't have a windshield."

Jack had been crying because Leesha stopped by to pick something up, and wasn't staying. He rubbed his face on the back of my pants. I asked if he'd just wiped his nose on my pants. He said; "No, I need to wipe my cry off." Awww....

To Maggie recently; "Maggie you can't miss me. I'm here at you."

And now for a few things on Maggie:
When she's crawling around, she'll sometimes find a box of wipes and figure out how to open it. Once she's done that, then she seems to have the attitude; "I'm going to get to the bottom of this!"
She has a "tub ring" seat that I use when bathing her. As I'm washing her off, and soaping up under her arms, she thinks I'm going to pick her up and will try to keep my hands under her arms as though she's thinking; "Here, let me help you with that."
She had a fever the other day (according to mom's cheek) because she's working on all 4 top teeth. Poor little girl.
At a garage sale, I got her a toy that she can use to walk with. Both she and Jack were fascinated by it at first and would fight. (She's learned to scream in order to make her wished known.) Then, they both seemed to decide that the "Rescue Rider" Jack had originally was the better push toy, so fought over that one. Then they came to a compromise..... Jack will ride it and Maggie will hold on (for dear life sometimes) to the back and walk behind it. I was so proud of them.
It might be that she's mumbling "mamamamama" a little more intentionally now.

And now on to Leesha. She started feeling unwell on Sunday and when she stopped by the house this afternoon, it seems she might just be getting over it. She was home for 3 days from school. That had it's ups and downs.

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