Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yesterday after work, on my way to get the kids, I noticed that my foot was itching. Throughout the afternoon and evening, I itched more and more. Trying to sleep posed a challenge when my palms would give me no relief of itching. So, I dug out the generic benadryl I have on hand for the kids (which expired in 4/08) and was able to fall asleep. Still itching this morning, I noticed bumps and welts pretty much everywhere as well as swelling in areas (ears, hands and feet) that don't have as much tissue to cover bone. Irritating!

I knew what Dr. Dad would say, but called to hear it anyway: limit your use of soap, no hot showers and take an antihistamine.

Hours later, I braved a lukewarm shower (hellish, I tell you). Now, I smell like a freshly washed baby thanks to soapless Johnson and Johnson baby wash.

We shall see how the saga continues ....

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