Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cold Peas Hot Peas

Dad watching the kids today:

My mistake of the day was eating Wasabi Peas in Jack's vicinity. He said he wanted one. I told him "No, you won't like these." He insisted and then started to throw a fit. "Ok. Fine. Have one."

Immediatley his face contorted and he spit it out into my hand. Nothing unexpected here... But then he fell into a panic cry as if his feelings had been hurt, hyper-ventilating and all that. For a moment I wondered if I was dealing with some sort of allergic reaction. We made it to the kitchen where I got something for him to drink and he kept repeating "I want to sleep, I want to go to bed." From that point on, the fit faded and he was regaining composure. Had some water and everything returned to normal.

A few minutes later Jack was sitting across the room and told me "...first this side of my nose was getting shot. Now this side is getting shot." as he pointed first to one nostril, then the other.

We decided that Jack likes cold peas and dad likes hot peas.

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