Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Keepin' up with the kiddos

I'd started a new post and forgot to save it. Bummer!

Jack and Maggie now have "Diary of a Worm". Jack calls it "Diarrhea Worm".
"Reading" this book to Jeffry, Jack says; "big birds tryin' to play 'howtsch scop'. Yes or no? How do you say it?" He's still mastering "hopscotch".

Jack asked me; "Mom, do you have two eyes, one nose and two 'nostrits'?"

When told to go to yet another time out, Jack responded; "I can't go to time out. I'm dead."

One of Leesha's jobs is to clear the dinner table. She didn't, so as I caught up to the family on a post-dinner walk, I apologized for making them wait and let them know it was because the table had not been cleared. I then suggested we give that job to Jack and he start getting an allowance. Jeffry suggested then that he could buy all the cars he wants. Upon waking up the next morning; "Dad said I'd buy all the cars I want and then we didn't."
After the same walk, we took the training wheels off of Jack's bike. The first thing he said to me, right before he mentioned not being able to get the cars was; "I want the training wheels back on my bike."

Maggie was playing with one of Jack's larger inside trucks and trying to drive it into the front door of the Little People house. After several attempts, she gave up, closed the door and put the truck back in the basket.

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