Saturday, September 11, 2010

Owee owee

Jack, at dinner; "I burped. Actually, I didn't burp, I tooted with my mouth open."

Mom: "Jack, I'm glad I'm your mom."
Jack: (smiles) "I'm glad I have my computer up here."

Jack likes to disturb Jeffry in the bathroom (I suppose he just likes the door to the bathroom open, and Jeffry closes the door). Maggie likes to keep abreast of things that the boys are doing, so followed Jack to the bathroom. Jeffry asked Jack to close the door and Jack obeyed. Unfortunately, Maggie had her hand by the hinges and got her finger squished as Jack tried to close the door. Poor little girl! The Dr. said it was a bruise (as mom suspected) and bandaged it up. By the time we'd returned home, Maggie had gotten the bandage off. She's a sucker for pain as she won't tolerate pain meds and bandages.

Maggie was doing "downward facing dog" spontaneously. I tried to get a picture, but she kept getting up too fast to come see the picture that I'd missed. It happened repeatedly which amused me.
She's also learned to nod her head.

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