Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday with friends

Josiah and Kaitlyn are here to play today.

Maggie s tarted out being very considerate.
She took a toy to Kaitlyn saying; "Heew." (here) Crouched down and said; "Tup?" (do you want a cup?)
"'Mon" (come on) to Josiah
"Diapoo wat" (diaper wet)

Jack is showed some of his toys to Josiah, and explained his catapult in the process. Later, he was showing him some of his smaller toys. "An' this is R2. He doesn't wear a spacesuit. He just says - (insert R2-D2 noises here)."

Jack:"Just like my mother. She's a girl."
Josiah: "My mother's a girl too."

Upon pulling the bathroom shade off the window: "I saw a little bit of morning and I wanted to pull it up but it broke. I'll leave it there so it's ready to be fixed." (translation: I saw some light coming through the blinds, and wanted to raise them. When I pulled on the string, the whole thing fell down. So, I'll just leave it here for you to put back up later.)

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