Sunday, June 28, 2009


We lost Great Grandpa Bruce this morning. Margaret will never have the pleasure of meeting him on earth. He was a very sweet man, I wish I'd been able to know him better myself.

I was able to make some notes on what Jack did to amuse us yesterday.
While we were eating breakfast, he said; "Cara, thank you for dinner." Jeffry always makes sure to thank me for the meals I make. He's set that example for the kids - well, at least Jack. Very sweet. I've suggested that once Jack and Margaret are old enough to help with dishes, that the last person to thank mom for the meal is the one who will get stuck with the washing up. Maybe by that time in our life, we'll have one of those lovely appliances that go by the name "dishwasher".

We went to our Godson Josiah's 1st birthday party yesterday. Jack was amusing to everyone, as always. He even was thoughtful enough to show Josiah how many of his new toys worked. Before we left, he told Jeffry that the grill was hot, then actually touched it. He was tired and I think it scared him more than anything.

Later in the afternoon, he put his milk on the table by the loveseat and it rolled off. He narrated his thoughts; "Oopadee! Wha' happen? It fell." Once he'd picked it up, he proceeded to ask his cup repeatedly; "You okay milk?"

Neither Jeffry nor I can resist going into his room once he's fallen asleep on the pretext of "checking on him". I did that last night, and realized once again that he's taken to bunching up his blanket to cuddle with. So, I switched the blanket out for a stuffed Eeyore. He briefly opened his eyes and had the slightest trace of a smile on his face. Then I used the blanket to cover him up. He smiled again.

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