Friday, June 26, 2009

10 days to catch up on

Where do I start?
We had a spectacular week with my sister and her family visiting. Leesha and Jack got to go to the great MN Zoo and get a personal tour from Cousin Melanie. I was too afraid to go in the event I went into labor and was an hour away from the hospital. So, the kids went and I ran errands before the gang joined us for brats.
We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday morning. Jeffry was willing to go to gaming a bit late, so he joined us. That gave us Father's Day to just our household. Leesha spent some time with her dad while Jeffry, Jack and I went to Uptown Bar for gyro omlets which left Jeffry very tired in the afternoon. Despite his being tired, he kept up with Jack all afternoon while I cleaned the Jeep. What a difference! Everything was wiped down, trash thrown out, vacuumed, and lastly, shampooed. It spent two days out in the backyard with doors wide open drying out. Jeffry really enjoyed the AC in the CRV for his work commute.
Summer school has been in session one week now. Jeffry only expected to work Monday - Thursday, but learned he had work today too. That was a blessing to us. I have been able to do about 8 hours of subbing in St. Paul's before/after school daycare program, and anticipate subbing in a classroom on Monday. It was great to be out of the house on Thursday, 4 days had gotten to be long.
Since I worked a split shift (6:30-9:30, 3-5:30), I met Jeffry and the kids at Mom and Dad's with some groceries to celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary.
Today, the kids and I went on a walk before it got too hot, then perused some garage sales looking for some clothes for Jack and a monitor for Margaret. We went to the Dr. this afternoon, and I'm back to making some progress towards delivery.

As for the kids, Leesha seems to have moments where she's enjoying summer, and others where she's "bored". She is with her dad this weekend. She is enjoying reading comic books from the library. Good cheap fun - can't beat that. We're looking forward to more time with family in the next month.

Jack is loving his cars. He frequently asks where his cars are - meaning his matchbox ones. He likes to know thier names and all that. He loves being in the basement, especially to "watch a show" with Dad. Too bad it's been so "hot", because he also loves being outside and we're wimps when it comes to heat. This afternoon, he was driving Leesha up a wall by asking her; "Leesha, you reading a comic book?" (If that's not a verbatim quote, it's pretty close) Potty training isn't going so well. A little while ago, he wouldn't pee on himself if he was running around bare bummed. Now he'll do that. Oh well, dreams of only buying diapers for one are out the window.

Margaret seems to be doing well. Head down ready for departure. Every once in a while, she'll move and cause a shock of pain. I was able to capture my rolling belly a little while ago. The midwife thought she might be about 8lbs now. The ultrasound suggested 7lbs 2oz +/- 10%, so I guess that fits. We'll see when she gets here. She is WELL STOCKED on clothes thanks to me being a bit of a saver, and her Auntie Caryn. We'll see how many times she gets to wear the outfits she has.

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