Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ultrasound day

We rallied the troops this morning (Willis household, Grandma Darlene and Auntie Caryn) and went to our ultrasound at 7:40. The sonographer was the same one we had months ago. She said things look good. Margaret was moving as she needed to be moving, practicing her breathing, she has enough amniotic fluid, measures appropriately for her gestation, and is about 7lbs. Now, we hope to see her when she's ready.

Since we returned from the ultrasound, I've set up the pack and play and started prepping a bit more. Jack is insisting he wants to sleep in the pack and play so that the baby can have his crib. Judging by all the toys now in the pack and play, that might not be a bad idea.

Jacks toy of choice this morning is the Clorox wipes containers. He found the one in the bathroom and must have seen the ones under the sink at another time, so went to get those too. He's been opening and closing them and stacking them. Good, clean fun!

Yesterday, Caryn and her family finally got to come and see our house. We took the whole gang up to the Library. On the way home, most of us girls took a short shopping trip to the dollar store and got a couple of groceries. At the dollar store, Caelyn got to pick out a wide toothed comb since she didn't have one. Auntie Cara understands the complexities of curly hair and insisted on getting her the right comb for her beautiful curls.

After the ultrasound, Leesha left with Grandma and Auntie Caryn to go tour the Science Museum and Children's Museum. She's been having a lot of fun with her cousins, and was a big help yesterday when I took the kids on a walk. Towards the end, we stopped at the playground and Leesha was the one to help Jack up the equipment, etc.

A new word for today: "dessert". Good boy, Jack!

At lunch, he started singing Baby Belugah by himself and did pretty well.

I was able to work for a couple of hours this afternoon. I left just after Jack got up from his nap, and told him I was going to work. He said; "No. Jack go work." I don't know if he was offering to work, or wanted to go with me.

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