Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am babysitting for friends of ours. Yesterday, on the way to school, Grace was singing the alphabet song, and Leesha asked Jack to sing it. He sang and then said something about Grace singing it.
Just a moment ago, Grace said something that sounded like "Haji" and Jack immediately related that to Jonny Quest, the show he watches with (and sometimes without) Jeffry.
I pulled out one of our exersaucers for Charlie to use while he's here. Jack (and Leesha) have had a lot of fun playing with it.
We've had some significant success with potty training. On Monday, since I didn't work, I was wearing myself out trying to get some housecleaning done while putting Jack on the potty every 20 minutes or so, or changing his undies. After lunch, when he usually poops, I had the potty in the kitchen where I could keep an eye on him as he sat on the potty. He kept getting up and down which isn't terribly unusual for his after lunch "activity". Well, I ended up not putting anything on him at all. He kept trotting back to the potty when he needed to use it. Apparently, he won't use the bathroom on himself. I've been doing the same thing when we're at home and he has had only one accident and he had told me he needed to go potty, I just didn't get him out of his booster at the table to allow him to do so. It's nice to be using less diapers.
Today is Leesha's last day of school. She'll be considered a 6th grader now. Wow.
On a personal note, I was entirely willing to pay someone else to clean my house before Toto arrives. Since I have not had as much work as I'd like, I decided to start tackling the job the other day. Mom came over and helped a lot yesterday, and I finished all but the bathroom last night. I'm waiting to do the bathroom once school gets out and I can work on painting the tiles AFTER I've cleaned. It feels good to have a clean house, and I look forward to the possibility of painting my bathroom next week.

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