Thursday, November 26, 2009

Elephants in the house?

Just a few things I've managed to take some notes on ...

On the way home the other day, Jack informs; "My mouf hurts. Somping in dere." I told him I'd look at it when we got out of the car, which I did. When he opened his mouth, I noticed that his 2 year molars had come in. I suppose that would explain the pain as well as there being something in his mouth.

Pulling up to my parents house; "Mama, Grandma's outside! I wanna go talk to her!"

Jack was playing in the basement and then came running upstairs. I heard a thunk and then Jack said; "I be sick!" I immediately assumed he'd opened the lid to the toilet and knew that he was going to throw up, so went to attend to him wondering where he'd figured out to throw up in the toilet, and how he knew he was going to be sick. All that momentary worry over nothing ... he was just shouting at Jeffry through the laundry chute. Near as we can figure, he heard Leesha call down; "Dad, I'll be down in a sec.", thought that was really cool and decided to give it a go himself.

While we were still lounging around the breakfast table with our friends the Pfeifers this morning, Jack discovers that they have a clasp on the handle of their waffle iron and states; "Ackshually, it opens."

While he's supposed to be sitting and eating in the dining room, Jack runs out to the kitchen informing me; "I see elephants!" Thinking he's seen the Newfoundlands out walking on the street, I follow him and say; "Really? Where?" He replied; "In the closet" as he walked over to our buffet and points inside. There on the shelf is the tray that my Grandmother gave us as a wedding present. It's from India and has ..... elephants on it.

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