Thursday, November 19, 2009

With Grace and Charlie

Grace and Charlie are over today. Some snippets .....

Grace: (shouting) "Jack!" Jack responding: (shouting) "Stop shouting!"

Jack: "Mom, what those guys saying?"

Playing around, knocking on a door .... Jack: "Knock, knock. Who's there?"

Jack, to Grace who is touching the doorknob cover on the side door; "We can't go out there honey."

Jack to Charlie after he burped; "Cha'lie, what you say? 'Xcuse me."

"Jack, you need to walk." "No, mom. I'm Batman. Need'a run."

Jack to Grace before I got a clean pull-up on her: "Cute little butt." (We always tell him that when he's running around bare-bummed.)

Grace: lots of singing! So sweet.

(yeah, he didn't say much. But he would walk around clapping his hands and making happy noises every so often.)

And, of course, a good bunch of; "No!" "Stop!" "Mine!"

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