Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More with Grace and Charlie

Grace and Charlie came over again. After Thursday together and part of Friday, I think the novelty of one another had worn off a bit. But they did well together again.

Sitting down to breakfast, Jack states; "My baby sister over dere" indicating Maggie who is in the kitchen still.

Being a protective big brother, Jack takes Maggie's bib from Grace. He then finds Maggie (on the bathroom floor where I'm drying my hair) and throws the bib on her. Somehow, he managed to get the opening right over her face so she was peeking out, and thought it was very funny, so he began to laugh. Maggie smiled in response. Grace was observing this from the doorway and states; "Be kae-po Jack." (Be careful.)

Grace likes to say; "Tuck-a tuck-a tchoo tchoo" with Jack's trains.

At lunch, Jack states; "Gracie, I eating applesauce with my blue dish."

Charlie was saying; "Ack". I don't know if he was trying to say "Jack" or not.

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