Monday, November 9, 2009

Narrative on getting dressed

Narrative on getting dressed; Jack: "I need socks. Oh dere my socks! I got my socks on?" Mom: "You've got one sock on." Jack: "I got two socks on. Mom pull my pants up."

Veggies one morning; "No! I don' like dat."

"Mom, get "Jesus Loves Me" book. Should I read it for Nikki?" (Nikki is one of his stuffed dogs)

In the car, on our way to the Doctor, I turned so the sun shone on Jack. "No sun! Stop. Hurt my eyes." And later, when I told him Maggie was getting shots, but he didn't need to get any; "I want shots too!"

After the Dr. we went over to Eric's house to help him with installing their countertops. Jack was very excited, but was pronouncing it; "Side ick".

Upon noticing the band aids on Maggie's legs from her shots; "Should I kiss it?" and after doing so; "Should I kiss the other one?"

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