Friday, November 13, 2009

Jack - n - Maggie

I told Jack I was going to switch the laundry. He said; "I will do it. I will switch laundry."

I feel a measure of success! I took the babies grocery shopping. Jack stayed dry AND asked to use the potty - - twice. Not that it's entirely convenient to stop shopping twice and go to the bathroom, but he asked! After the first potty break and he was back in the cart, he noticed that his pant leg was pulled up. So, he told me; "Mom, my leg fell out."

Jack now sees himself as a big brother. He actually pays attention to Maggie and tries to meet her needs. Some examples ...
When she is in her saucer and fussing, Jack will tell her; "I right here." We often think she fusses because she cannot see us, so we'll tell her; "I'm right here."
He also asked; "Where Maggie little hanni (hand)?" And when I showed them to him; "Oh dere it is!"
When she was laying on the bathroom floor, he brought her her big lovey and laid it on her. Then he laid down beside her, putting her bitty lovey over himself.

He's interested in my laptop and has pulled the "eraser head" off a couple of times. After putting it back on, he discovered that the arrow on the screen moves when you move the "mouse". I informed Jeffry that Jack had discovered the mouse on my laptop. Then Jack tried to tell him; "I d'scover' mouse on Mommys 'puter."

When he was in the bathroom, he kept telling me; "Mom, I can' hear you. I in bafroom."

The furnace fan was making the toilet paper flutter. This did not please Jack. I don't remember if he was saying; "No!" or something else, but it was amusing.

Jeffry dumped the bristle blocks out on Jack's rug. Not long after, Jack said; "Dad, put bristle blocks away. You made a big mess."

I took the babies with over to Eric's house the other day and the boys started watching Monsters Inc. Jack will now inform people that he watched Monsters Inc. at Eric's house.

On to Maggie ....
She rolled over from tummy to back several times this morning of November the 15th. Not entirely sure it was intentional, not entirely sure it wasn't.
She's grabbing toys and pulling them to her mouth - either to suck on or chew on. One of her places of entertainment is in her crib where I've strung together her plastic rings. I'll put different toys on there for her to bat at, and pull down. It's always fun to see how she scoots about and pulls them down.
Jack is a great source of entertainment to her (well, honestly, she's not the only one entertained by him) and she'll quiet down when he's within sight.

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