Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another day with Grace and Charlie

Trying to catch some snippets of interactions between the kids when Grace and Charlie come over.

J: Do you want this umbrella?
G: Yes.
J: Is it raining outside?
G: No, it's .... it's ... dark 'side.
J: No it's not. It's lighter.

J: I got a booger.
G: Can I have it?
J: No!

Jack was listing the things on the B page of one his alphabet books. "... Banjo..." Somehow, he then thinks Grace is calling it a guitar. "No, 'snot a guitar. It's a banjo. (pause) Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me."

Later, with his "Goodnight Forest Moon"......
"Once upon a time, there was a big guy an' a little guy an' a kangaroo and two monkeys. Once upon a time ...."

J: "Ah! What's this?" as they're playing with the plastic food and toy dishes.
G/C: "F**k." (and although it was a fork, "o and r" were not the letters I heard in the middle. Oops!

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