Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feelings and the backyard

One morning, Jack didn't want to leave his lovey on his bed where I usually ask him to leave it. In explaining that I didn't want to have him wandering around with all day, I said; "We don't run around with our lovies all day." His response; "I not running roun'. I keep my body calm." Well, in that case ....
We had thunder and lightning this morning. As I put Jack in his carseat, he asked; "Is it funder and lighting?"

On Sunday, we went to the early service, then came home to hang out and eat lunch before going over to Half Price Books. Of course, Jack wanted to play outside while we were home. Leesha decided to play outside too. They made a fort of sorts under one of our evergreens. At one point, I went outside to check on them, and here was Jack with one end of a closet door we've had outside waiting to burn, while Leesha had the other end. How cute!

Now that he's able to spend so much time outside, he likes to pee in the yard too. At least a couple of times, I've looked out to find him pulling up his pants. Hope the neighbors don't mind.

A newer phrase; "Aw man!"

The other day; "My feeling hurts."

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