Thursday, April 29, 2010


The weather report the other day suggested we'd have thunderstorms at night. I told Jack that we might have "funder and lighting" tonight. He said he didn't like funder and Leesha doesn't eater (either).

While at Mom and Dads, Mom was reading him "Baby Farm Animals". She asked what a baby goat was called. "A goatlet!"

Materialism hits .... On the way to Target the other day; "Can I have another airplane that won't break?"

While at Target, he chose a new shovel. When we got home, he went out to the back yard and was playing while I unpacked. I found the shovel, and tossed it out in the yard. He turned, saw it and just grinned.

This morning, "Where'd my sunglasses go? (as he looks around for them) "They're up on my head! I left them up there!"

Regarding traffic; "Dere's a full lotta cars. We need to not let 'em bonk us."

Let's see what else we can get blogged before the students come in ......

Maggie is cruising. She will find whatever she can to push around so she's walking around. One favorite is the bin of plastic food and dishes that's in the kitchen. It almost looks like she's grocery shopping.
Maggie has also learned to clap. She's realized this gets attention from the rest of us. Very cute.
Yesterday, she ate peas and carrots that weren't mushed up. Funny how things she hasn't liked in the past are all of a sudden "good eatin'" when she gets to put it in her mouth herself.

Leesha cleaned her room last night when I told her I wouldn't sign the permission slip for the All School Party happening on Friday unless she cleaned her room. This was deemed (and I quote) "Unfair".

Yesterday, I slept in a bit, then took my time getting ready for a walk. The babies and I left the house at about 10:20. When we got back home, I worked in the yard. We now have day-lillies transplanted into the front yard along the street, and also along the south side of the garage (between the house and the garage). I uprooted a hosta and planted pieces around the garden in the back yard.

On Saturday, since Leesha was with Jeremy, and Jeffry was gaming, the babies and I went to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market with friends from Small Group. I bought some seedlings for the garden - salad, strawberry, broccoli, and I think I also got some zucchini and okra. I don't remember what the last one is. Guess we'll see when it grows something.

On Sunday, Jack had a fresh cold, so we opted out of church and instead went to Mills Fleet Farm where we bought stuff to hopefully keep the rabbits out of the garden, and possibly start composting. We'll see how all of that goes.

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