Thursday, April 15, 2010


Not much huge news to share ....

Maggie was so upset last night, she accepted milk from a sippy cup! Jack loved his sippy cup and had no issues with it when I got it for him at about 4 mos. Maggie had this attitude of; "Gee, this is great to chew on." So, it was a milestone that she actually drank from it.
She is officially 'cruising' now.

Jack has said "Nufing" a lot - especially when asked what he did to Maggie.
While bouncing around on the living room furniture, he bonked his nose, then asked for a kiss. Since I was in the middle of feeding Maggie, I tried telling him to kiss it. He said; "I can't. I don't have up lips." Then something about me having nice lips, I think.
Not long before, we were talking and I mentioned something being dangerous. Then he went on a tangent about staying away from black leaves because they're dangerous.

Today, I managed to get the floors clean and laundry done (wanted to get both those done last night, but go to talking to Leesha instead) and we went over to a local mall where there is a kids play area to meet a friend and her kids. Nice to have some time with another grown up, even if Jack had two accidents and ended up leaving the mall with only a diaper on (given to us by Jeanelle). Back at home, the babies and I took a nap. When I woke up (almost 2 hours later), Leesha was setting the table and had washed the pile of dishes which included some from last night that I (unbelievably) left unwashed. Now, my energy is gone. But that nap felt great!

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