Saturday, October 9, 2010

No joke

Maggie came into the kitchen a few minutes ago saying; "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy."
I responded; "What, Maggie?"
"Oh sh?" and she looks at or indicates her backside.
"Do you want to go potty?"
She tottles off to the bathroom. I follow, take off her pants, unsnap her onesie and remove her diaper. She's been correct in knowing that she needed to go potty, so I sit her down. She feels that sitting on the potty is the end of the procedure and wants to get down immediately. I manage to get the chunk of poo into the potty, then point it out to her.
Good girl Maggie!

Yesterday, the babies were outside while I was putting the groceries away. Jack rode his bike into Maggie. When questioned about it, he said; "I was going so fast and I cou'n't believe my eyes...."

Mom: "Maggie, where's your cup?"
Jack: "P'r'aps it's lost."

Maggie's vocabulary:
"Day tchoo" = thank you
"Ditty" = kitty
and the ditty says "ow"

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