Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Laughter is good medicine

Upon waking up one morning, Jack came out of his room and said; "I'm bored."

About his squash one morning; "I'm delighted."

Referring to the wizard figure Jeffry is allowing Jack to play with; "Old Wide Wizard" vs. "Old Wise Wizard".

"Darth Thader" vs. "Darth Vader".

We had split pea soup and rolls the other day. Jack likes bread, but even moreso, likes the butter on his bread. He'd cut his roll in half and was trying to figure out how to butter it. He asked me to cut his roll. Since he'd already cut it, I told him he was "doing a smashing job" whereupon he started smashing his roll. I don't often instigate much laughter from Jeffry, but this time I sure had a hand in it.

Jeffry likes to read before he goes to bed. His comics are always more visually exciting than my novels, etc. I often glance over and comment on something I see. Recently, it was a Star Wars comic and I asked about C3PO. Jeffry said; "Seriously?" Like a true non-Geek, I'd mistaken the characters since it was actually R2D2 I was referring to. More laughter.

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