Friday, November 5, 2010

Becky, this one's for you

A friend told me tonight that she was missing my blogs. It's a good thing that I have one in the works.

Apparently, it's "Dr. Suzy" not Dr. Seuss.

Maggie's first two word combination (that I remember); "Mommy, shoe."
New words: toy, ball, no (oh yippee), my (instead of mine)

I bought some 3,6,9 omegas for the kids. Jack and Maggie just have the oil out of the gelatin capsule. I gave Jack his first dose straight up. Leesha has helped explain that this will make him smart like her. The next day, when I get it ready, he informs me; "Mom, I'm already smart!"

While in the car, he notices a truck with a topper on it. I overhear; "Er, er, er, R. Puh, puh, puh, P. Tuh, tuh, tuh, T." With a little help, he spelled "topper". This morning, he and I sounded out the word 'jet', then I had to let him eat breakfast.

Leesha is pretending to lead a game show. She asked Jack where he lived. Jack ran to me and asked where we live. I told him; "Oakdale". He ran back and when questioned again, he stated; "Oakdale, Minnesota."

When driving past the liquor store, Jack was trying to sound out "liquor".

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